Reading "Crimean Saladin"

Cihan Kaan responds to the recent unrest in the Ukraine in a resharing of his University of Pennsylvania reading of the story "Crimean Saladin"

Read his statement and listen here:

"...In the wake of Ukrainian unrest, the Russian forces have decided they want the Crimea back. A Russian governmental presence may destroy the Crimean-Tatars peaceful and political gains for recognition.

At the core of the Russian adventures in Crimea besides imperialist conquest and beachside property ownership is a deep rooted Cossak nationalism, the flames of which fanned by Putin and intermixed with false history about the Tatars indicate a racially classist power structure will be instituted to disempower Tatars again. The bear is not interested in peacefully co-existing with the indigenous population...

I support the Crimean-Tatars in their mission to regain, reinterpret and realize the dream of a post-Russian Vatan (homeland) alongside the peaceful Russians that live there."

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Cihan Kaan was born at the height of the disco era in Dallas, Texas. Some time in the eighties he was moved to Brooklyn, New York where he was raised in Bensonhurst. His parents were 1st generation Turkish hippies who followed Maharishi Yogi and introduced him to astral travel, psychic phenomenon and transcendental meditation via sufism at a very young age.

He began releasing techno music under the alias 8Bit in the nineties but eventually fell into making music videos out of college. He directed a trilogy of music videos for early techno acts the aired on MTV. His short film She’s Got an Atomic Bomb (2004) won Best Short Film for the Evil City Festival and toured underground film festivals such as the Coney Island Film Festival, the B-Movie Film Festival (winner of the Audience Award), and the Lost Film Festival. His second short film, Shuffle Mode (2006) won Best Short Film at the Sin Cine NYC Erotic Film Festival.

His first book of short stories, Halal Pork and Other Stories, was published in Spring 2011 from UpSet Press and is distributed by University of Arkansas Press. He is the first American fiction author of Crimean Tatar descent, enjoys a good spinach salad and writes code in his off time.